California Recreation Freedom Alliance - Preserving all of California Outdoor Resources
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We need you help in preserving our lake. Our goals are a tall task to complete which is why we are asking for any support we can get to help us in achieving these goals.

California Recreation Freedom Alliance C.A.R.F.A. wishes to preserve and expand operations of our San Diego City Lakes, by working with San Diego City and local County Leadership. Our mission is to improve San Diego City Lakes, Restore San Diego City Lakes Trout Stocking Program, Take a Kid Fishing Events, to preserve and expand all recreational activities on and around the San Diego City Lakes.

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El Cajon Ford
Advanced Plumbing
San Diego Team Series Fishing Events
Anglers Marine
Anglers Arsenal
East County Bait and Tackle
San Diego Bass Council
Hookd Bait and Tackle
San Diego Angler
Dana Landing
Action Sports
Fun Bike Center
Western Outdoor News
American Bass
Wild West Bass Trail
Western Bass
California Waterfowl Association